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"Spitter Spider"
Spitter png.png
Food Pips
4 (Hard)
Hard: Chimney Canopy, Shaded Citadel, The Exterior, Farm Arrays, Subterranean
Damage Multipliers


Spitter Spiders are slow-moving predators that can be found alone or in large groups. They hunt their prey using a paralyzing dart attack. The less energetic cousins of Big Spiders, they prefer to hunt from a distance and avoid confrontation. Spitters are found exclusively in hardmode, except through lineage.


A spitter spider firing dart maggots.

With a black body and six long legs, Spitter Spiders can be identified by the red spines that extrude from their backs. The darts (commonly referred to as Dart maggots) fired from their mouths are a pale cream-white, and each one has an elongated sac on its end, likely storing the paralyzing toxin. A short time after being fired into a creature, just before paralysis, their sacs appear to expand and then contract, changing colours.


Slugcat being hit and knocked out by a dart maggot.

Spitter Spiders are slower than Big Spiders, avoiding close combat and hunting from a distance. They attack by spitting dart maggots in short bursts of three or four, which have a delayed and temporary paralyzing effect on creatures including slugcat. Each successful hit of the darts increases the speed of the paralyzing effect on the target: getting hit by one dart allows for 5 seconds of normal movement before paralysis sets in, two darts means a 3-second delay, and three darts will almost immediately knock out the target. Unconsciousness can last for several seconds, enough time for the Spitter to carefully approach and grab prey. Just like the Big Spider, they will attempt to hinder the slugcat by grabbing onto it if they get close enough, so they are still dangerous in close range. They can also bite the slugcat without the aid of any darts if in close enough proximity.


A spitter spider capturing a knocked-out slugcat.

If hit by a projectile, fleeing or attacking is recommended. Stabbing with a spear before being knocked out is feasible, but more of a risk. You can easily recover, but might not have enough time if too close. Line-of-sight is important for these creatures; hiding for long enough makes them lose interest. It is best to stay on a level above or below them, but beware that darts can be shot in any direction, unlike spears.

If the player has been captured by a spitter spider, there is a chance of escape before being dragged into a den since the spitter spider is unable to land a death blow to the slugcat, and despite being many times found in large groups the spiders will still fight each other for the slugcat, this includes shooting darts at each other. However, be aware that big spiders will also try to steal prey and their bite is always lethal.


  • Spitter Spiders, alongside many other hunter-specific enemies, can spawn in the arena's competitive mode before you unlock the hunter.
  • Unlike other varieties of spider, the Spitter Spider cannot be killed by Flashbangs.
  • Spitter Spiders, like Big Spiders, can recover health over time, so injuring them won't make them stop hunting you or retreat to their dens.