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Sky Islands, as the name implies, is a largely aerial region with no shortage of difficult platforming and dangerous falls. This optional late-game region is largely made up of various decayed mechanical structures, and is inhabited by a variety of dangerous creatures, which are often much better fit to traversing the broken landscape than the player; this includes Centiwings, which are unique to this region. Great care should be taken in this region, as falling usually means certain death. Certain sections of this region feature particularly long jumps, which require the player to grab a Squidcada to complete. With the near-constant threat of Vultures and the tricky platforming, this region can be among the most hectic in the game. Rainbows have a chance to appear in certain rooms at the start of a cycle.


The following creatures can be found natively in this region on all difficulties:

The following creatures can be found natively in this region on hard difficulty:



Arena mode unlockables[]

Location Unlockables
Sky Islands Creatures Eggbug, Centiwing (Survivor and Hunter only), King Vulture (Hunter only)
Maps Antenna, Array, Summit

Special rooms[]

List of subregions[]

List of Karma Gates to other regions[]

  • Gate to Chimney Canopy - Requires 3 Karma. Located at the top right area of Sky Islands.
  • Gate to Farm Arrays - Requires 3 Karma. Located at the bottom center area of Sky Islands.


  • The section to the left of the Communications Array, which connects the two halves of the region, features jumps that are too long for the player to complete under normal circumstances. Thankfully, the area before these jumps are required is full of Squidcadas, which can help the player traverse the area.
    • If traveling from the other direction (i.e. coming from the shelter on the left most part of the map) the area can just barely be crossed by performing an extended crouch jump (throwing a piece of rubble while jumping).
  • Background-climbing lizards in Sky Islands can easily be made to fall to their death by hitting them with a rock. However, it should be noted that this can cause said lizards to lineage.


Sky Islands Map.png

Map in Game[]

Sky Island In-Game.jpg

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Interactive Map of all Regions[]

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