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"Red Centipede"
Food Pips
Hard: Garbage Wastes, Subterranean
Damage Multipliers

Red Centipedes are a centipede variant that only spawn naturally in hardmode. Larger than overgrown centipedes, with bright red armor plates covering their entire body, these are considered one of the more dangerous creatures in game. They are also rare, only two appearing outside of the lineage system, in hardmode, one in western Subterranean, and one in Garbage Wastes.


Red Centipedes are extremely fast and aggressive, able to quickly pursue targets, investigate sounds, and cover rooms in a matter of seconds. Unlike normal centipedes, reds will move non-stop when homing in on prey, and have excellent hearing and vision. They will pursue and kill slugcat, scavengers, lizards and even vultures without hesitation.


Each armored segment of the body must be hit by a spear before that segment can be stabbed. Reds will not flinch when armor is removed, making the early fight extremely difficult. The more armor is removed, the more vulnerable the centipede becomes to close quarters stabbing, and being stunned by spears. Knocking armor off the head sections is invaluable for throwing spears while running away. Being caught out in the open, on poles or in tunnels is often fatal, but slidejumping can be used to keep distance between slugcat and the centipede. Defeating red centipedes with spears alone in game, while not impossible, can be challenging due to unfavorable terrain.

When a segment already has a spear embedded in it, only a half or a fifth of base damage is taken, likely depending on whether the segment is a head or not.


As with all other arthropod and generally bug-like creatures, red centipedes are extremely vulnerable to Spore Puffs, found in Farm Arrays.

A single Spore Puff will weaken and eventually kill, and multiple will take effect much faster.