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An inquisitive slugcat opening a popcorn plant for the first time

The popcorn plant is a tall, red pod attached to a black stem that is reminiscent of a stalk of corn. When open, the pod will split up the middle and the two sides will curl upwards, revealing a yellow stem inside. The stem has kernels that will audibly 'pop' open from the bottom to the top. While the plant is still opening, the contents is inedible.

Each time the opened pod is interacted with, it will restore one food pip, even when playing as the Hunter. The popcorn plant will provide a limitless supply of food until the slugcat hibernates. The cycle after the popcorn plant was opened, the plant will appear withered and is no longer edible. A few cycles later, the plant will regenerate its fruit and sheath, ready to be opened again.

Popcorn plants are often found in groups of two or more. The useable ones will be accompanied with dead plants that are permanently withered. These dead plants have no use to the slugcat.


As the popcorn plant provides unlimited food for one cycle, it is advised to prepare the cycle before to maximise the gain of opening it. One can do this by consuming the minimum food requirement (all food pips up to the bar) and then sleeping. This means the food bar will be completely empty the next cycle, and can be filled completely with no extra cost. Otherwise other food items would potentially be wasted.


  • Popcorn plants are the only food item slugcat will automatically reach for and eat when within range.