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"Pink Lizard"
Pink lizard1.png
Food Pips
6 (Hard)
Outskirts, Industrial Complex, Drainage System, Chimney Canopy, Garbage Wastes, Sky Islands, Shaded Citadel, Subterranean

Hard: Farm Arrays

Damage Multipliers
Bite 40%
Head 10%
Head (Bite) 4%
Throat 150%
Throat (Bite) 60%


The Pink Lizard (also called the Magenta or Purple Lizard) is the first pole climbing lizard the player will likely see in the game. They tend to have a black body with a variation of pink or purple coloration in their spikes, heads, and tails.


A Pink Lizard climbing up a pole.

Pole Climbing[]

Like most lizards except Greens, Pink Lizards have the ability to climb up poles to reach prey items or higher ground. Do not climb a pole to escape it, as they generally climb faster than Slugcat, and can reach to the side to pluck Slugcat out of the air if it decides to jump.



The simple strategy of throwing a stone to the face and then spearing the exposed, fleshy body will work fine for these lizards. Taking very few hits to kill, one could simply sneak up behind it and begin a flurry of spear hits. A spear down the throat will work especially well for Pinks. If in a desperate situation, a more experienced fighter could climb up a pole, jump off, and stab the lizard in the side while descending. The spear hit coupled with the fall should stun the lizard for long enough to make the spear retrievable.

Pink lizards have a 33.3% or 1/3 chance to kill the player with each bite.


Average hearing abilities mean it's actually easy to make noise with a rock to lure the lizard away, then continue while it’s distracted. They tend to be easier to avoid alerting so long as you move slowly and out of their range of vision. When stealthing remember that jumping on a pole makes noise but climbing on one does not. They typically are lazy and don't investigate noises, however a hungry lizard may be a bit more determined.


Since they cannot climb background walls, a high area with no pole access will be perfect for hiding from Pinks. Climbing through pipes or high above will generally keep you hidden since they tend to keep their sightline on the ground only.


Can be tamed with about 1-3 scavengers, squidcadas, lantern mice, or dropwigs. Like other lizards, they will follow you to any spot that they can reach, and may sleep with you in shelters. Pinks are not the best lizard to tame as they are not incredibly durable or powerful, nor are they incredibly maneuverable. However they are one of the most loyal lizards out there, and with a low rivalry rating, they will not be getting into unnecessary fights often, and will defend their owner in any crisis.


Pink lizards can come in a whole rainbow of colors. Anything from dark purple, to light pink to red!

As shown here:

Funky pink.png

Pink variants.png


  • Has the most color variation of all lizards. Anything from red to pink to purple can be displayed in this lizard
  • Has the slowest base swimming speed of all lizards
  • They are generally considered as the base lizard, not being strong or durable, nor speedy or good at climbing.