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Outskirts is the starting region for both the Monk and the Survivor.


As the first region explored by new players following the intended game route, Outskirts features a tutorial area and offers many low risk opportunities to learn basic game mechanics and interact with creatures. It features many poles and pipes that allow evasion of predators, and most routes through the region loop back to where they came from, making it hard to get lost or cornered. It is devoid of the game's tougher predators, prominently featuring Green and Pink Lizards, Squidcadas and a Scavenger toll. Rainbows have a chance to appear in certain rooms at the start of a cycle.


The following creatures can be found natively in this region on all difficulties:

The following creatures can be found natively in this region on medium and hard difficulties:

The following creatures can be found natively in this region on hard difficulty:


Arena mode unlockables[]

Location Unlockables
Outskirts Creatures Pole Plant, Squidcada (both variants)
Objects Blue Fruit
Maps Blocks, Chamber, Stoneheads

List of Karma Gates to other regions[]

  • Gate to Industrial Complex - Requires Level 3 Karma. Located above and slightly to the left from the starting area of Outskirts.
  • Gate to Drainage System - Requires Level 4 Karma. Located at the bottom left side of Outskirts.
  • Gate to Farm Arrays - Requires Level 5 Karma. Located at the upper left side of Outskirts. You'll need a pearl to pass the Scavenger Toll blocking the route to the Karma Gate. If the player attempts to pass without paying the toll, the scavengers will become aggressive and attack the player. Be aware that the only pearl present in this region may have another use.


  • After a few cycles, the player's Overseer will direct them towards the Industrial Complex gate, as this is the intended path of progression in the game. The other regions are much more difficult for newer players to adapt to.
  • The rightmost area of the map has no apparent features of interest, as it does not connect to any additional area and has no unique unlockables.


Outskirts Map.png

Map in Game[]

Outskirts In-Game.jpg

  • Download all full sized .png in-game maps here.

Interactive Map of all Regions[]

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  • The beta version of Outskirts was called Suburban, and its acroynm in game files is SU for this reason.
  • It is possible for noodleflies to reach the tutorial area.
  • There are numerous known methods to revisit the tutorial area after first leaving.

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