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The player can carry, throw, and use a variety of items to assist in survival. The slugcat can carry two items, and will throw the item carried in its right hand (viewer's left) first. You can swap the items in the slugcat's hands by double tapping the grab button. Certain items can also be carried in the slugcat's stomach by holding the grab button, as though eating it, and then regurgitated by holding the grab button again (Note that, since this is the same controls as eating, the slugcat will eat any food being carried before swallowing any non-food, unless it is already full). Objects can also be dropped by holding down and the grab button, which will not trigger any on-throw effects for items such as explosives. More details on object management can be found on the controls page.

Most objects will not despawn when stored in shelters, even if the player is not in the same chamber. This is useful for storing valuable weapons or certain pearls, or simply for ensuring that you have any necessary items for the next cycle, since most items are spawned procedurally, and may not appear in the same place on subsequent cycles.

Certain objects can also be used as gifts for Scavengers to raise the players reputation with them. A full list of potential gifts and their value can be found on the Scavengers main page.


Ranging from batflies to berries to bugs, most varieties of food are carried in one hand and can be thrown a short distance. A full list of all the different edible plants and animals can be found on the main food page. Most food can only be thrown a short distance, but jellyfish and dried water fruit are notable exceptions. Certain foods can be used to distract or even tame larger creatures, but the most common use of food is for the player to eat it.

Bubble Fruit[]

A unique, tiny blue fruit which cannot be eaten in its raw form. Instead, the fruit must be submerged in water before being eaten. Bubble fruit will then give off a brief pop, becoming edible, bubble-like transparent orbs. Bubble fruit are thrown at full force unlike normal food, and has the ability to stun enemies much like rubbish.


Rubbish is a term for common, unremarkable objects such as bricks and rocks that are found all throughout the game. Although rubbish can't be used to directly kill enemies, they can be thrown at full force to stun most enemies for a moment, or thrown at a wall to create a distracting noise so that the player can sneak by. Thrown rubbish does enough damage to kill Batflies, making catching them much easier. In addition, throwing rubbish at a lizard's head will flip it over and expose its vulnerable body to further attack.


Spears are weapons that are can be thrown much like rubbish. Spears, unlike other items, can only be carried one at a time and cannot be swallowed. They will cause a sizable amount of damage to most enemies if you hit them in the right spot. Spears can also be stuck into most walls, although they can deflect off of walls if they hit the wall in the wrong spot. Spears can also be stuck inside floors, but the use of doing so is situational. In certain cases, spears can pin enemies to the wall, which can allow the player extra attack opportunities or extra time to escape.

Explosive Spear[]

Explosive spears are spears draped in explosive red ribbons. Explosive spears are held by scavengers, so the only way for the player to obtain them are to either trade with scavengers or take one from a scavenger hideout. When thrown, these will behave just like a spear, dealing a small amount of damage to an enemy, then giving off a few harmless pops, similar to gunpowder plants, before giving off one larger explosion. These are effective at killing most small creatures, and can be used to help take down larger creatures as well (Some large creatures may take extra damage from spears or be outright killed from the explosion.) If the spear hits an impenetrable surface, such as the head of a lizard, it will immediately explode without the initial popping explosions.


Gunpowder plants are red plants with nut-like growths on them that can be found growing in small patches. When thrown, gunpowder plants will give off several small explosions, much like a firecracker, which will briefly interfere with the player's hearing if they're too close. Although the explosions aren't powerful enough to harm anything, the noise will scare off many predators, including lizards, and can destroy some things in the shelter if several are ignited. Gunpowder plants are not thrown at full force, so be wary that they will not land that far from the player's location.


Scavengers have been able to refine gunpowder plants into much more potent bombs, and can be seen carrying the small red orbs wherever they are found. Slugcat may be able to trade for or steal one of these powerful weapons, which explode violently when thrown. The explosion is powerful enough to kill any small creatures caught by a direct hit (including most lizards) and stun even larger beasts caught in its blast. The blast may also stun slugcat and knock the player back a great distance if they are too close when they throw it. Bombs are thankfully thrown at full force.


Although these trinkets have no obvious use at first, they are one of the most valuable resources in the game for two purposes. First, they are prized by Scavengers. Scavengers will become much more friendly with slugcat if they are given pearls, will happily trade some valuable resources for pearls, and will demand a pearl in order to cross tolls. Secondly, pearls actually contain ancient data, and if brought to Looks to the Moon later in the game, will reveal some of the lore of the world. White pearls are common and contain randomly selected dialogue. Colored pearls contain the most interesting lore, and should generally not be traded to scavengers if it can be avoided. They do not respawn and their information and spawn location is set. Pearls are thrown only a short distance.


Small, orange ferns that can be found in only a few open plains in the game. These unassuming plants will attract nearby batflies, even if slugcat is holding the plant, making them useful for quickly grabbing the otherwise pesky food. Batnip is only thrown a short distance.

Bubble Weed[]

A bundle of bubbles on a stalk. They act as oxygen tanks when you're underwater. Each bubble shrivels up one by one as it is consumed.


Tiny, faintly glowing mushrooms can be found in the dank, underground regions of the world. When eaten, these mushrooms will slightly increase slugcat's physical prowess and slow down your perception of the world for a short time. Slugcat will run slightly faster and jump slightly farther during this time. Mushrooms are thrown only a short distance.

Karma Flower[]

A karma flower

Curious yellow flowers which tend to grow near the location of the player's last death. They can show up on the map as a circle with an X in it. The symbol will gently pulse red. When consumed, a ring will appear around the player's karma symbol. Upon the player's next death, they will not drop down a karma level, and the ring will instead be removed. While a second karma flower can be eaten while the player is already under the effects of one, this will do nothing, as the effect does not stack. These flowers will not persist cycles in the shelter if picked and stored. Karma flowers are thrown only a short distance.

Vulture Mask[]

These artifacts are difficult to acquire, but may well be worth the trouble. They are found on the face of every vulture by default, and may be knocked off with a well-placed spear to the side of the head. When carried, slugcat will wear the mask, which will scare away most lizards. However, the vulture it was taken from will aggressively pursue the slugcat for several cycles until it is killed. Vulture masks cannot be thrown. There are two types of Vulture Mask.


Created by scavengers, these small shells give off a strong orange light that can help slugcat get through the darkest areas of the world. Slugcat may need to trade with the scavengers to obtain one, or may be able to steal one. Lanterns are only thrown a short distance.


These glowing blue fruits are not food, but rather powerful stunning weapons. When thrown, they will briefly give off brilliant flashes of light that will temporarily stun and disorient most nearby creatures. They are found only in a few locations, often near Miros Birds or spider territory as a defensive tool against those creatures. Flashbang fruits are thrown at full force.

Spore Puff[]

Also known as puffballs, gas apples, or smoke bombs. Found in Farm Arrays, these curious silken blobs will give off a burst of spores when thrown. They are the favored food of Rain Deer, and are needed to get a ride from one. If a rain deer is nearby, dropping a spore puff will cause it to approach and then kneel down to eat it, letting you get on its antlers. If no rain deer are nearby, throwing a spore puff will cause it to burst open in a cloud of spores, which should attract a rain deer to ride. Spore puffs are thrown at full force, but will not damage or stun on impact. The spore cloud released upon impact can kill many varieties of insect, including centipedes, spiders, and batflies, suggesting the spores inside are some form of pesticide.


Beehives are pinecone-like objects stationed on a strange plant like stem which can only be safely picked up if hit with a gas apple first, as otherwise they will activate whenever slugcat approaches. Throwing or otherwise angering a beehive will cause insects to come out and swarm the area around the beehive, restraining any creature that comes near with vine-like snares. This can prove quite useful for dealing with predators, but can easily trap the slugcat if the beehive does not land far enough away. If there are no creatures, the insects will cling onto the ground and walls and will ensnare creatures that try to walk by, but will become inactive a short time later.