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Two slugcats backflipping. The yellow one has eaten a mushroom, while the black one has not. There is a noticeable jump size difference.

Mushrooms are near-white glowing versions of the real world fungus. They are quite rare fungi compared to other flora in rain world, but generally grow together in clusters of 2-3. They are edible, but don't count as food for hibernation. Mushrooms can be found in any region except Five Pebbles and Shoreline.

When consumed, they activate a slow-motion effect for about 20 seconds of real time. This also gives slugcat the ability to jump higher and move slightly faster.


  • Scavengers value these mushrooms. Slugcat's reputation with them will increase by 1/5th of a pearl if they are given to them. This means if you give the scavengers five mushrooms, you will have gained the same amount of reputation with them as if you gave them a pearl.