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Karma gates are massive doors that separate the regions of Rain World and restrict where the slugcat can explore. Passing through these gateways is the only way to travel between regions without use of a Passage.


The karma gate separating Outskirts and Industrial Complex

A karma gate consists of two chambers, each separated by an elaborate metal shutter. At every karma gate, karma level symbols are shown on the walls above each entrance. As you enter into a chamber, if you have a karma level greater or equal to that of the symbol on the wall, then the gate will open. Otherwise your current karma symbol will flash red and nothing will happen.

When using a karma gate, standing still beneath the karma symbol will cause the shutter behind you to close and the elaborate unlocking mechanism to begin. This process can be cancelled before the chamber seals if the slugcat moves. After several seconds, the next chamber will open and allow passage.

Tips and Trivia[]

  • A particular Karma Gate can only be used once per cycle, make sure you have finished in your current region, otherwise, you will have to wait for the next cycle.
  • The slugcat technically enters the new region as soon as the first metal shutter has been closed. The mind map will show the new region throughout the opening process, allowing the player a brief window to find their bearings.
  • When playing as the Monk, the conditions of a karma gate only need to be met once in order to make it available for the rest of the game.