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Food is one of the critical needs for slugcat's survival, the player must have three, four, or six food eaten on easy, medium, and hard difficulties respectively to not starve in the next cycle. A maximum of five, seven, or nine food can be stored in the slugcat's stomach at once.

Some food is found in the form of immobile objects such as fruits, vegetables, and fungi, while others are living creatures which slugcat may need to kill before devouring. Eating only one of the two varieties for several cycles straight is the key to two of the game's achievements.

Non-creature Food

Blue Fruit

The most simple variety of food in the game, these blue fruits can be found dangling from vines. If they are out of reach, they can be broken off of the vine by throwing a rock or spear at them.

Popcorn Plant

When these pods are hit by a spear, they will open up and pop into a collection of delicious popped kernels. It holds enough kernels to feed slugcat by itself, and the kernels are eaten immediately once grabbed. An open flower's food will waste away when the player hibernates, so the player may want to save them for when they are in need.

Bubble Fruit

These berries are found as small, inedible black and blue shells while still on the plant, and must be submerged in water before eating them. Once they are, they will pop open into an edible, transparent, squishy orb.

Slime Mold

Growths of faintly glowing orange fungus may be found in the darker corners of the world, and thicker growths contain edible morsels.

Edible Creatures

The following are creatures that are edible on all three difficulties of the game. The corpses of all creatures become edible on hard difficulty.


The most common prey in the game, these small creatures will attempt to fly away from slugcat, but may be chased with relative ease. They may also be killed with rocks or spears.

Vulture Grubs

These small, green-ish yellow grubs can be found in underground burrows. They must be dead before they can be eaten, but many can be found already dead. Living ones will cry out and attempt to draw vultures to them if thrown, though can easily be killed with just a spear.


Centipedes are a variety of creatures with the ability to create an electric shock, but are also a great source of food for slugcat, with each centipede filling multiple pips of hunger. Small centipedes may be simply picked up and eaten alive, but larger varieties must be killed first, and may zap and kill slugcat if the player is unprepared.


These aquatic creatures may appear dangerous at first, but are a readily available source of food in the Shoreline. If they are thrown or disturbed by a large splash, they may release a shock which can stun enemies and the player, but are harmless if they are only being held or swam around.

Neuron Flies

Found exclusively in Five Pebbles and Looks to the Moon, these flying critters are edible, but also important items in the plot. If you eat the neuron flies at the Looks to the Moon facility, you will earn the Stolen Enlightenment achievement, but with a price. Bringing more neurons to what lies within Looks to the Moon will earn you a friend. Eating them also grants the benefit of giving slugcat a strange glow, which can be quite convenient in places where you would normally need a Lantern to navigate.

Non-food Edibles

In addition to food, a handful of objects can be consumed for other benefits. These items do not fill a pip of hunger when eaten.


Tiny, faintly glowing mushrooms can be found in the dank, underground regions of the world. When eaten, these mushrooms will slightly increase slugcat's physical prowess and slow down your perception of the world for a short time. Slugcat will run slightly faster and jump slightly farther during this time.

Karma Flowers

Karma Flower.png

Curious yellow flowers which tend to grow near the location of the player's last death. When consumed, a ring will appear around the player's karma symbol. Upon the player's next death, they will not drop down a karma level, and the ring will instead be removed. While a second karma flower can be eaten while the player is already under the effects of one, this will do nothing, as the effect does not stack. In fact, when finding a second karma flower, one would find it in their best interests to leave it for another cycle, as they also cannot be stored, and will simply disappear if hibernated with.

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