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Food Pips
3 (Hard)
Chimney Canopy, The Exterior, Subterranean

Hard: Outskirts, Industrial Complex, Garbage Wastes, Drainage System, Shaded Citadel, Sky Islands

Damage Multipliers


Dropwigs are fast-moving, insectoid ambush predators that stalk the enclosures of Rain World. These creatures are very skilled at hiding in plain sight, and while fragile they are adept at quickly taking down their prey.


A Dropwig crawling to ambush location.

As their name suggests, Dropwigs resemble large earwigs. They have a black or dark brown coloration, offset with slightly reflective purple stripes.

When lying in ambush, the Dropwig will dim its purple stripes to be less noticeable. Upon first glance they will appear like shadowy stalactites; upon closer inspection they have a symmetrical and menacing profile like a downward-reaching claw. Like most insects, two antennae crown the top of their small head, occasionally twitching whenever they sense the presence of another creature.

Attack Behavior[]

A Dropwig waiting in ambush.

Dropwigs are ambush predators, they attack by attaching themselves to a ceiling and waiting in ambush until an unsuspecting victim walks underneath them. At this point the wig drops onto its prey, catching it with its large pincers. Just before it pounces, it will jerk its legs wide open in preparation to strike, giving a hint as to where they are hiding if they previously were not visible. They are quite intelligent creatures, often times placing an item they find (any item but mostly food like blue fruit) beneath their perch to lure prey into pouncing range. The drop attack is somewhat dangerous but avoidable with good reflexes. After the drop attack, it will proceed to spend roughly 10 seconds chasing the player, and pouncing from the ground when within range, if a single bite from the dropwig lands, the prey will die irretrievably. After this time it will begin looking for another place to drop from. Alternatively, if one throws a spear at a Dropwig perched on the ceiling, it will drop down instantly, allowing the player to jump down after it and spear it while it recovers from landing. Dropwigs are supposed to keep you always on your toes and never quite able to relax, as every room could be a potential danger.

Even on the ground Dropwigs are not to be trifled with, as they can perform an agile leap, similar to a Big Spider. Spears are key to defeating a mobile Dropwig, because they leave themselves open for a moment right after they land.


  • Dropwigs were a new creature released in the 1.5 update of Rain World.
  • An example of a Dropwig using an explosive spear to bait its prey can be found here.
  • Dropwigs are able to stack on-top of each other while perched on the ceiling, giving them even less visibility.
  • Dropwigs tend to ignore prey when climbing up to the ceiling- they will even shove it out of the way in order to climb up poles or latch to the ceiling.
  • Dropwigs will occasionally hide behind background objects such as chains and vines- making them even harder to detect.
  • Dropwigs are not very good at escaping wormgrass, so baiting them to those spots in outskirts is a viable yet tedious way of battling them if you think you can outmaneuver them.
  • Dropwigs will drop and chase the slugcat if they see it climbing up near them by one side while holding a spear. This is most likely to prevent the slugcat from simply reaching their height and throwing a spear to kill them.
  • Dropwigs are one of only a few creatures that cannot be found as the Monk Slugcat, but can be as the Survivor Slugcat.


  • Slugcat moves much faster in pipes while holding a dead Dropwig.