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"Cyan Lizard"
Cyan Lizard 1.png
Food Pips
6 (Hard)
Hard: Industrial Complex, Drainage System, Garbage Wastes, Chimney Canopy, The Exterior, Sky Islands, Subterranean
Damage Multipliers
Bite 40%
Head 10%
Head (Bite) 4%
Throat 150%
Throat (Bite) 60%


The Cyan Lizard or Leapzard is a dangerous predator which only spawns natively when playing as The Hunter. Equipped with sticky tongues and the ability to launch themselves at high speeds after their prey, these are among the most persistent enemies in the game. They can only be found in other difficulties by spawning in the place of previously killed lizards through the lineage system.

leapzards jumping after slugcat


Cyan lizards are primarily black in coloration with eyes and mouths that glow with their cyan coloration. Their markings appear to flash when hit with projectiles, and pulse slowly when idle or stalking.

This variety of lizard acts similarly to Blue Lizards, with the ability to walk on walls and snatch prey with their short tongues. The tongues are slightly longer and more robust than their Blue relatives. What earns them the nickname Leapzard is their ability to make sudden, rapid jumps to quickly clear large distances. With their ability to quickly and unpredictably close any distance between the Slugcat, as well as their added toughness, these predators are a fearsome threat. They are marked with blue neon circles on the side and spots on their leaf-shaped tail, making them fairly easy to spot to compensate for their travelling capabilities.

Cyan lizards have a 33.3% or 1/3 chance to kill the player with each bite.



Cyan lizards are arguably one of the most convenient lizards to tame, due the unique jumping ability which allows them to be long term companions. Because they are able to navigate across any sort of terrain that the player is able to traverse, they can bypass the many obstacles which regularly prevent a tamed lizard from following the player between areas. They are speedy and powerful enough to attack and fend off most other lizards with the exception of Green Lizards and Red Lizards. Their ability to accompany you as you journey through the sprawling expanse of Rain World is a notable benefit.

Cyan lizards have been known to take anywhere from 1-3 feedings in order to tame. Although this number remains unconfirmed, they appear to take uncommonly few feedings to tame.

Combat in conjunction with a cyan lizard can be very difficult at times. While they are able to contribute to fights with other lizards and even scavengers, the risk of accidentally spearing them or hitting them with a stone is high, and their health pool tends to rest at around 2 - 3.5, making them quite fragile when faced with some of the world's stronger predators. They do not show the same tenacity fighting other lizards as they do hunting the player, but are still useful for inflicting a modest amount of damage and distracting the enemy. Despite this, cyan lizards seem exceptional at freeing a player trapped in another lizard's jaws, as their jumping ability allows them to close distance with the enemy very quickly. A very helpful pet to have if the player is in need of good defense.


  • Sometimes, when hit by a spear, their leaping ability goes haywire, causing them to fly around similarly to a deflating balloon.
  • Despite being bioluminescent, these creatures are not typically found in dark areas (with the exception of Subterranean).
  • Cyan Lizards have one of the lowest same-species rivalry levels, beaten only by Black Lizards and Yellow Lizards.
  • Cyan Lizards will hunt Blue Lizards and grab them in the same manner as a Green Lizard would.