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"Blue Lizard"
Blue lizard1.png
Food Pips
5 (Hard)
Industrial Complex, Chimney Canopy, Sky Islands, Farm Arrays, Subterranean, The Exterior

Hard: Outskirts

Damage Multipliers
Bite 40%
Head 10%
Head (Bite) 4%
Throat 150%
Throat (Bite) 60%


The Blue Lizard is the smallest of the lizard species in Rain World. They have a black body with small blue spikes or feathers that cover their bodies and tails and a blue head. Their colors range from cyan to dark blue and they tend to cling to the walls of their territory.


A lizard sighting a prey item, and changing course to give chase.

Wall Crawl[]

Like their more deadly White Lizard cousins, blue lizards possess the ability to crawl on walls in the second layer. They tend to come down from above you rather than the sides, making it difficult to line a rock or spear up.


When ambushing, blue lizards use a combination of quick movement and their sticky tongue to catch their prey. Their tongue will snag on whatever creature it has hit and then the lizard will attempt to pull them into its mouth to deliver the killing blow. If they are hit during this reel in phase, they will drop to the ground and their tongue will go with them, leaving their prey free to run or attack. Blue lizards are also capable of pulling items from the player’s grip by using their tongue.



They are not as durable or deadly as their White Lizard cousins, and when facing them it is not important to note that their tongues are only a third of the length of that of a White. This means it is easier to dodge their tongues, since they have to get fairly close to reel you in. If lined up with the ground or in front of slugcat, a rock to the face followed by spear to the exposed belly works very well. Blues usually die in two spear hits, and are gravely injured by one. If a blue is parallel to slugcat and is walking up or down, slugcat cannot easily throw a spear to kill them or stick them to the wall. Blue Lizards will steal your spear from your hands if you get within range, so be aware and take precautions.

Blue lizards have a 20.0% or 1/5 chance to kill the player with each bite.


Their hearing and sight are lower than their white counterparts, so it's far easier to sneak past them; As long as you crawl you should be easily able to sneak by.


They are quick, but since their short tongues are their main weapons, it can be simple to avoid them entirely provided you start far enough away. In the event Slugcat is grabbed, a quick rock or spear to the face will dislodge the lizard. They generally come from the top down with a pounce-like maneuver, so using the time they take to position their pounce to duck into a hiding spot or to run can be helpful.


Blue lizards cannot be tamed very easily, usually one or two small centipedes works. If you are able to give it a whole large centipede that would speed things up as well. Since blues cannot crawl on walls, there are very few shelters it cannot follow slugcat in. They are generally passive once tamed and will not get into a fight unless their master is in danger. This not can make them good for passing through areas with lots of creatures as they won't waste precious time fighting other animals.




  • Blue lizards are Green Lizard's and Cyan Lizard's favorite prey and are often hunted by them.
  • Blue lizards are generally considered as the fastest species of lizard.
  • Blue lizards do not have the lowest base toughness and bite damage of all lizard species.
  • Blue lizards appear to prefer Centipedes as prey.