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"Jump and grab them. They're delicious!"

Blue fruit are a common source of food found in the world, usually found hanging from ceilings. If out of reach, a spear or rock can be thrown at them to knock them down. They restore 1 food pip when eaten (1/4 as Hunter).


Blue Fruit. Hanging from the ceiling of a cave.
  • The player can store them in a den, for later consumption
  • The player can throw them at neutral and hostile creatures to distract them
  • They don't decompose, and can be left in a den forever, not disappearing regardless of how far away the player travels
  • They can be found in many places in the game, and are a reliable source of food if stored constantly


  • According to Moon, Blue fruit are actually bug pupa (Supposedly of the Batfly), Not fruits, Though despite this eating them still counts for the "The Monk" achievement
  • Jetfish love these and will become less likely to drown the slugcat after one is dropped in the water for them
  • The 3 blue fruit in the first room of the game are unreachable unless you wait until the room floods and collect them, though this is not advised
  • They tend to respawn after 2-3 cycles
Blue fruit stacks.png